We help create a world where everyone can choose

At Muñecas Arias we don’t make toys for girls. We make toys for boys and girls.

Whatever their gender, condition or race, all children have the right to choose. To choose the toy they like best without having thoughts like “that toy is for girls”. Ultimately, they have the right to try different kinds of games, because they will learn something new and positive by playing with each of them.

Let us leave stereotypes behind in order to promote equality.

At Muñecas Arias we move away from the stereotypes that have always been associated with the world of dolls, in order to promote equality. Because both boys and girls can play with dolls, and mothers and fathers can be participants in the game, enjoying spending time together and creating unique memories.

For this reason, both boys and girls have appeared in our advertisement campaigns playing with our products for years. It doesn’t matter what kind of toys they are: strollers, dolls, Reborns dolls… Because we believe with complete confidence that no toy should have an associated gender. A toy should be a positive teaching tool to support both boys and girls. Teaching that encourages emotions and friendship, which guides them to develop emotional and social feelings. Ultimately, to help shape great people who defend love and respect above everything else.


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