Trusting in the talent of dressmaking

We are creators and organisers of the “Arias Fashion Year”, a contest where we discover new talent in the world of sewing and fashion design.

We are committed to creativity and imagination through this collaborative project where we discover new talents with much to give to the fashion world. For this reason, we organise a competition where students of the Paris Fashion Design Academy (Academia de Diseño y Moda París)in Alicante must design a clothing outfit for our dolls.

Although we have always participated in different social initiatives, we have always wanted to innovate and support different segments of society with our social commitment. For example, in 2019 we thought about those people who once were the boys and girls who spent hours and hours with our dolls, and that is how “Arias Fashion Year” arose.

Our tradition of manufacturing dolls makes us think about how our sector is surrounded by different kinds of artisanal jobs. Our dolls pass through the hands of different specialists that create the doll in an artisanal way. One of these sectors is the guild of dressmaking and pattern making, an area shaped by special hands, which have artistic talent and can create marvellous outfits and accessories.

Unfortunately, the tradition of creating fashion for dolls is slowly disappearing and at Muñecas Arias we’d like to encourage it in order to ensure that such a beautiful job doesn’t go anywhere. That is why we organised “Arias Fashion Year”, the first competition where young talent from the fashion sector could suggest their vision about the world of toy clothing.

“Arias Fashion Year” is a commitment in collaboration with the Paris Fashion Design Academy, where participants create new proposals of garments in order to promote doll’s fashion. A very interesting project, both for its nostalgic as well as its inspiring hint touch.

This initiative has been organised for two consecutive years, with very interesting proposals from the winners like outfits created in natural cotton, linen and jute fibres that are respectful to the environment as highlights.

In the last editions, the winners of our “Arias Fashion Year” were: Nuria Ruiz Hernández, Elisabel Tejuelo Simón and Mª Jesús García Gil.


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