The pedagogical values of dolls

Dolls encourage learning from several points of view, helping personal and social growth.

Dolls are not just another toy for entertaining boys and girls. Dolls act as a toy companion with the mission of encouraging learning from different points of view. They are a traditional toy; a toy that has existed for centuries and has accompanied the growth and learning of many generations.

Without a doubt, dolls are and will always be the quintessential traditional toy that helps children develop in many aspects, such as love of others, empathy or imagination.

A link that will make them grow up happy

Dolls serve as an emotional link between children and the setting that surrounds them. Learning to be tolerant and respectful of others are two very important factors for children’s learning, and here dolls play a fundamental role.

Another reason why the doll is a pedagogical toy that helps the girl or boy is that it can act as a vehicle of communication. Why? Because dolls are a tool that children can use to state their opinion, express their emotions or say what they need at a certain time. It is a toy that encourages the correct use of language and unleashes creativity.

What are the pedagogical characteristics of dolls?

Dolls help to:

  • Develop positive emotions,
  • teach about tolerance,
  • improve fine motor skills,
  • stimulate imagination and communication,
  • encourage emotional and social feelings, and
  • promote equality.

All these reasons are good reasons that encourage us to fulfil our commitment: to help both mothers and fathers so that their children grow up happy and healthy with the help of our dolls.


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