Protecting the environment means protecting them

We’re committed to the protection of the planet, taking the necessary measures to make Muñecas Arias a sustainable company.

Muñecas Arias is one of the first companies in Toy Valley to commit itself to looking after the environment. In 2004 and 2007 we brought in various photovoltaic installations that to the present day save energy and emit lower quantities of CO2 to the environment, specifically 178,602 tonnes less. This was the start of our commitment to looking after the environment through sustainability.

Looking after the little ones at home has always been our raison d’être and that’s why we should protect the planet. If we don’t take care of the environment, children won’t grow up in a suitable setting or enjoy their childhood. That is why at MUÑECAS ARIAS we have developed various measures to minimise our company’s environmental impact.

What measures do we adopt at Muñecas Arias with regards to sustainability?

  • We have several photovoltaic installations that take advantage of solar energy and make our infrastructure sustainable, having accumulated in the entire period a CO2 saving of 2,000,000 kilos in the atmosphere.
  • We changed the lighting of our facilities, including LED lights that consume much less energy, are longer lasting and help reduce CO2 emissions to the planet.
  • We have new low-consumption machinery that optimises electrical energy to the maximum.
  • There are small bins to recycle class and paper located in different points of our facilities. In addition, we recycle all the plastic, paper, card and fabric scraps, taking them to a recycling plant.
  • We regularly present our annual packaging declaration.
  • We carry out collections of charity lids, which we deliver to a recycling plant in order to contribute to social projects.
  • Our team shares our vehicles in order to contribute to lower emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere.
  • Use of internal digital communication methods in order to inform the team of the latest company news without having to use paper.
  • Development of new products that are focussed on raising awareness about protecting the environment. For example, we’ve recently developed a new doll called “The Nymph of the Forest”. Natural fibres such as cotton, linen and jute have been used to make her clothes, and completely recyclable material was used for the packaging.
  • Inclusion of 100% organic textiles in our products. Many of the clothes for our toys are made with this kind of material, which contribute to taking better care of nature and children’s health.
  • We are committed to looking after the environment from an environmental but also economic point of view. That is why we work with local suppliers, whose raw materials are “Made in Spain”, meaning we’re committed to the development of the local economy in our area.

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